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Police Car Flip


Video Gallery

From the major motion picture "Legion"

Tom Harper performs a car turnover with PPV's C.T.S on "Legion"!

Dir: Scott Stewart

Car Rollover Stunt Video

Go behind-the-scenes with Tom Harper as he performs a rollover stunt with the Cannon-less Turnover System.

Cannonless Turnover System

Collection of Cannon-less Turnover System photos and video of Tom Harper using his invention on 'Legion'.

Pneumatic Kick Down Ramp - 1

Tom Harper tests the jumps on 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'.

Pneumatic Kick Down Ramp - 2

Video of kick down ramps in action.

30-Second Commercial Spot for HSBC

90 Second commercial spot for HSBC - Stunt equipment and stunt driving provided by P.P.V.