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HSBC 30-Second Commercial Spot


Commercial Spots

Commercial spot for Doritos Jacked

Commercial spot for Doritos Jacked. Tom was the Jump Coordinator for this spot.

Commercial spot for Grey Poupon

The famous commercial spot for Grey Poupon. Tom performed stunt driving for the chase scene and more importantly the big car jump!

Smart Car Ad with Kobe Bryant

Commercial spot for Smart Car.
Tom prepped the hero car and was stunt driving in this Kobe Bryant Smart Car commercial for China.


Chevy Sonic Ad

Tom was part of the team that engineered and fabricated the Chevy Sonic corkscrew jump for MTV/Rob Dyrdek seen here as the Chevy SuperBowl XLVI Ad.

Audi Snake River Commercial Spot

Tom was "Jump Coordinator" on this spot for Audi, which is simulated to look like the car jumps the Snake River!

30-Second Commercial Spot for HSBC

90 Second commercial spot for HSBC - Stunt equipment and stunt driving provided by P.P.V.